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Vision - Mission

Vision - Mission

Savacap birth oriented Golden Star Company Group became a leading fund manager in Vietnam's financial market.

Savacap created to meet the actual needs of the market, seize development opportunities, professional activities in the financial sector with a team of experienced HR practices, class level and international areas , the basis of comprehensive market intelligence to help investors make the right decisions in order to achieve the expected return on the basis of risk control.

Savacap born with a mission to accompany the customer, for the benefit of the customer, the customer's success is our success.



-     Safety: Savacap security commitments to all customer transactions; honest commitment, adhere to the standards of professional ethics in every action to build credibility and trust of customers to employees and the Company.

-     Professional: Savacap define professionalism in products, people and processes are fundamental to the implementation Savacap provides financial products and services to customers.

-     Because customer satisfaction: Savacap continually strive to enhance the quality of service and believe that the attempts will be rewarded by the satisfaction of our customers. Savacap always listen and absorb the opinions of customers in order to improve the customer service of a better day.

-     Innovation: Savacap determine the continuous innovation of thinking, ways of thinking and innovative practices to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of services, products and solutions provided to customers.


-     The customer is the center: Savacap always researching, understanding customer needs, diversification of services provided, improve operational efficiency, customer-centric and orientation of all activities. The investment assets managed by the customer, a separate track, transparent, consistent with the nature of capital and investment requirements of our customers.

-     Manpower is a valuable asset: Savacap constantly reinforce the quality and professionalism of the workforce; committed to creating a dynamic work environment, innovative best to promote the strengths of each individual.


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