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Portfolio Management

With the purpose to meet the saving & invesment demand from households who want to make their savings grow to pay off their children education expense in the future, Sao Vang Capital offer an investment products called “Savings & Investment Portfolio for University Education 2025 – (SVU 2025)”.

SVU 2025 offer the investors a savings solution combined together with an investment solution through flexible saving contributions at interval, and the capital will be invested flexibly between equity and fixed income securities, which is subject to economic cycle and the resting duration of investment horizon, this investment strategy will take the opportunities of the upcoming growth cycle of the economy in coming years, and flexibly transfer capital to safer assets when the equity market is unfavorable and investment horizon is come close to end, while still secure to meet the return expectation from investors. • Annual target return for portfolio: bank’s 12-month deposit rate plus 2%-3%.

• The minimum authorized amount at interval: please contact us for detailed information. • Paying and drawing the capital: flexible and subject to investor’s request.

Sao Vang Capital are currently offering portfolio management service, authorized investment management service to clients ( local and foreign institutions and individiuals), managing stock portfolios (buy, sell) with the ultimate target to make customers’ asset grow profitably at optimal level. Based on the each client’s position (objectives, return expectation, horizon and risk tolerance),  Sao Vang Capital will choose a right portfolio for right customer.

At present, we are managing three main investmennt portfolios as follows:

-     High-dividend-stock portfolio: invested in listed stocks which enjoy a high dividend per market price over 10% yearly.

-     Undervalued-stock portfolio: invested in listed stocks which market prices are far under their book value or net asset value.

-     Growth-stock portfolio: invested in listed stocks which revenues and profits growth are stable over 10% yearly.


Sao Vang Capital provide clients with maximum care policy including:

-    Report on macroeconomics and capital market (monthly by email)

-    Report on customer’s portfolio performance ( weekly by email and writing)

-    Updated analysis report on companies in the customer’s investment portfolio (quaterly)

-    Besides, Sao Vang Capital assign one or more specialists who actively serve customer’s needs through email or telephone and inform customers of new information or related information on the customers’ portfolios.

Under-mentioned are basic contents on terms and conditions offered by Sao Vang Capital for porfolio management sevice to clients:

The amount authorized to Sao Vang Capital: Institutional or individual investors: minimum amount VND 2,000,000,000 (two billion Vietnam dong)

The fees paid to Sao Vang Capital

+Management fee: Management fee is from 0.5% (zero point five percent) to 2% (two percent) of total porfolio value per year (subject to the authorized amount) and paid in advance quarterly, at the beginning of each quarter. The management fee is paid to fund management company for carrying out the investment portfolio management services.

+ Incentive fee: In order to attached the benefits of fund management company to the investors’ ones, and encourage the fund management company to maximize the returns for investors, Sao Vang Capital will be given a yearly incentive fee from 10% to 20% of the difference between the actual return and expeced return. The incentive fee and expected return will be set, based on the mutual agreement which is subject to clients’ authorized amount and risk tolerance.

+ Custodian fee: Custodian fee: 0.06%/year x Authorized amount. Minimum fee is VND 100,000/month. The custodian fee will be collected by custodian bank monthly. Account management fee (including allocation of money and securities to each investor’s account at Sao Vang Capital’s request: 0.01% * Amount of each transaction. The minimum fee is VND 55,000/each allocation and maximum fee is VND 1,100,000/each allocation (V.A.T included). The allocation fee is paid right after each successful transaction.


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